Wakka On Top of the World

"These people

may be geniuses."

- The New York Times

Wakka SAGA

"disarmingly affective…

startlingly moving…"

- Time Out New York

Wakka Baby Universe Mutation


bursting with

passion and wit."

- Variety

Wakka Fabrik


the best of

Jim Henson’s early,

dangerous days…”

- The New York Times

Wakka Wakka - The Death of Little Ibsen

“a dazzling display of showmanship…

the mournful evocations are poetic”

- The Washington Post

Wakka Wakka is an award-winning, innovative visual theatre company.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of the imagination by creating works that are bold, unique, and unpredictable.

Featured Shows

Wakka Wakka - SAGA - We Protest


Wakka Wakka - Baby Universe


Wakka Wakka - Fabrik - Elder Best